Friday, 19 April 2013

Marsa El Foukery

Today we visited the nearby reef at Marsa El Foukery. It is about 15 minutes south of Marsa Nakari. A "marsa" is a natural harbour with an easy, sandy entrance for divers! Marsa El Foukery has a bed of sea grass which occasionally attracts a dugong (not today sadly) and turtles. We had two gentle, shallow dives here this morning with out guide Hisham. We were lucky enough to find a lazy turtle who was relaxing on top of the reef. He seemed to tolerate our presence for a few minutes before waving us off with a fin!

We decided to dry out this afternoon and prepare ourselves for an early start and long day's diving tomorrow. After some Kindling, we walked around the beach I search of the Roman ruins for whom Marsa Nakari is named. We didn't find them, so we will have another expedition in a couple of days.

We are currently looking forward to dinner! The food here at Marsa Nakari has been consistently great. It is definitely better than previous years at Marsa Shagra. Food is all served buffet style. The dishes can be a little difficult to identify, but it always tastes good! In particular deserts have been too good! Fresh breakfast pancakes with chocolate sauce are also making it tricky to fit into that wet suit...


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