Saturday, 20 April 2013

Messing Around In Boats

We had an early start again this morning with our first dive on the house reef at 08:30am.  Breakfast was our normal chocolatey pancakes! Good diving food!

We have been a confident diving team all week, so we ventured a little deeper to 27m for this dive! We saw some blue spotted rays of various sizes.

Our next two dives of the day were Tracy's first boat dives! This involves perfecting the skill of rolling backwards off the side of the boat into the water which is very exciting the first time you try it!


We ran into a party if Danish school children on our way back from our last dive.


Although Marsa Nakari is a small eco-lodge, there are no less than 76 Danish teenagers on site at the moment! Thankfully they are well supervised and behaved and the site staff have them well entertained and in-hand. They mostly appear to be off-site during the day, so they are no trouble at all. I wonder what 76 British teenagers would be like...?

By popular demand, a close up of Tracy's pink fins!


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