Thursday, 18 April 2013

Scary Creatures

Today was our second full day of diving at Marsa Nakari. Marsa Nakari is run by Red Sea Diving Safari. They have several sites around the Marsa Alam area, all of which are based around the eco-lodge idea. Marsa Nakari is a small and informal site. Nearby Marsa Shagra is much bigger and busier and has lost some if its earlier charm. By staying at Nakari you can have some of that old-fashioned charm and still have some of the benefits of a larger dive operation. Yesterday, Tracy had a BCD that was too large. The staff dispatched someone to Marsa Shagra last night to get a smaller BCD for her and now she is a happy diver!

We had an early first dive before 9am on the house reef. Our first scary creature of the day was a Moray Eel who was sunning himself on the reef. He was kind enough to let us take his photo!

We had a short surface interval to get fry and catch up on our Kindling before our second morning dive of the day. This was lovely, relaxed dive on which we took some shots of the most glamorous member of our scuba team!

A good lunch followed where we replenished ourselves for the afternoon's diving. There is a little bit of current here and there on the reef, so we occasionally pumped our thigh muscles pretty hard. It isn't easy, enjoying yourself!

We spotted the second scary creature of the day on our second dive. This was a barracuda known locally as "Hilary Clinton". I'm not sure why... To protect her privacy (and because the camera battery had run out), we decided not to photograph her. This was a dive teeming with life. In particular we had a little crab come to play with us along with a flat fish. We also found a little nook in the reef which seemed to have most of the fish in the red sea in it! It was amazing to be swimming through such a great shoal of fish!

Tomorrow we are venturing further afield to a different dive site. We have to be up pretty early, but hopefully we can see a few more scary creatures!


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