Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tracy Wormald, Super Diver!

Tracy really earned her diving fins today with two personal bests! The first was her deepest dive so far. This morning we headed out on the North side of the house reef, and Tracy reached 29.5 metres whilst investigating a coral outcrop.

Notice I the picture above that the red shoulders of Tracy's wet suit have turned black with the depth!

We also met Mr and Mrs Nemo on this dive. They were very busy about their anemone and not hospitable at all to visitors!

Our second dive of the day was a very relaxing, shallow dive on the south side of the house reef. As you can see, we were very chilled out for this dive.

Our final dive of the day was Tracy's other personal best. We repeated our calm dive on the south side and were out for a fantastic 56 minutes (with 50 bar to spare)!

On our way back in, we were met by lots of jelly fish and a couple of friendly needle fish.

The south side of the reef has some lovely "canyons" to swim through. These canyons are always full of beautiful fish and a pleasure to swim through!

We treated ourselves to coffee and cake to celebrate our successful day's diving!

We've been writing this blog this week on a Microsoft Surface. The Internet connection has been via Nick's HTC Windows 8 mobile phone. Before we left for Egypt, we purchased an Egyptian Vodafone SIM card with one month unlimited Internet access (in Egypt) for £35 from RiteSim ( The service from RiteSim has been excellent. The Internet connection has been fast and 100% reliable! If you are going abroad and need Internet access, it's worth checking out their web site.


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